Pars Bishel Arian

since 1384 the Investment Company of Pars Bishel Arian has started to work as a Bishel Holding Company focusing on home appliances, and after all these fifteen years of experience it could expand its activities in different fields to achieve much success in the different markets. The continuous market study, relying on efficient human resources, applying up-to-date knowledge, and effectual management relying on this point " honesty is the best policy " could have made us a skilled and trustworthy team. a company that has a great future in Iran's market, started to work in the activate market and aim the most of it to its own. currently, markets such as home appliances, Petrochemical Industries Supply of raw materials for large Iranian factories, Paint industry, Unique roof coverings, electronics industry, IT, and Also sports essentials are the examples that they could be mentioned as a perfect position that this company could have made in all these fields








Reaching to the investment opportunities in Iran's market via continues researching and aiming at least 5 percent of Iran's market in the future activities

Expanding the Group's activities in various fields and achieving a proper share of the Iranian market in the concerned sectors

pars bishel Arian holding with expanding business strategy is trying to study the variety of markets and reaching the huge investments in a different part of Iran's industry in the field of import and export to create the different type of groups and manage them with new management methods relying on efficient human resource to reach the group aims